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Many important tax forms are mailed (or available online!) in January each year. To avoid delays with processing your return, be sure that you have all of your forms! If you are a returning client, feel free to drop off your documents at any time. No time to drop by but don't have access to a scanner? How about using your smartphone to take a picture of the documents and email them to us!

Here is a list of common forms that you may get, or information you may need to obtain:

  • W-2 (wages, tips from your employer)
  • Social Security numbers for you and your dependents
  • Current banking information and account numbers
  • 1098 (mortgate interest paid)
  • 1099 (interest earned from savings, stocks)
  • Social Security Benefits, pensions, IRA distributions received
  • Unemployment Compensation and State tax refunds
  • Itemized deductions and receipts for back-up documentation
  • Non-cash donation receipts (Goodwill, Girl Scouts, St. Vincent de Paul, etc.)
  • Tax ID# or Social Security Number of your daycare provider, phone number and address
  • Education/Tuition interest paid
  • Vehicle use information (business, medical, and volunteer mileage, etc.)
  • Contributions into IRAs, Health Savings Plans, College Savings Plans, etc.
  • Gambling wins/losses

If you are a new client, we ask that you bring in your last two years' worth of tax returns.

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